Grey Matters

The weather is getting warmer and more of our citizens have come to the grass to share in the enjoyment of our alike pleasures. Things have been so against what we have wanted, that when something good comes we understand how to best savor the moment. Good job on letting go of things that you do not like and crowding toward things you do. Only problem is, you’re creating a gap between the grey areas of life. The ones that are actually full of color. But, for the sake of not seeing and never experiencing… it is called “grey matter.” Learning how to accept moments that have not come to pass and live in the moments that are here, is a test of ones character. How far can you stretch in an awkward position and how long can you withstand it?  At what point do you start thinking, you want to return to what is comortable? Does joy come in the morning, like they say? . The problem isn’t being successful, it’s managing the extent to which you surrender to rest. I understand that recuperation is very much needed to persevere. But how familiar are you with the will to give up? Very familiar, I assume. Discipline and balance, better not be a stranger either.


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