She Can

she can

Her body can look like a plant,
But she’ll grow in loyalty.

Feet charred by every habitat,
but inside, a green thumb covering my seeds.

Face look as if it never healed,
But together, our time is perfect unity.

Her brain is as slow as a Macintosh electronic,
But her waist is swinging in the kitchen constantly.

She can be a human sized mole with her two teeth,
But also, she can mean the world to me.


Why do I count? What do I count? Is it a disease? I can answer two out of those three questions for you. The one question that will not get answered is “Why do I Count?” The only explanation that I can give you is that everything happens for a reason. Yes, I am currently seeking treatment so maybe, sooner or later, I can answer that for you.

When I count, I count mostly words that I see on my daily travels. An example would be “STOP” in a stop sign. I review the number of letters and syllables in my head. Of course, there’s four letters and one syllable.


Now, here’s when things get a little complicated. Here’s why I am seeking treatment: both the letters and syllable have to equal five or ten. Yes, I said it. Five or ten. Maybe it’s the fact its a number that is commonly used for rounding up or down. Or maybe, it’s just because I like the feeling of fullness on my fingers when I am finished counting. As if I needed all my fingers to be used in the act. Going back to my example ‘STOP’ falls just short of five letters and way short with four syllables missing. For most people this is okay, but for me, there’s an automatic voice that says “fix it.”

And so I do. I add an extra letter before ‘STOP’ and four more words to make a phrase. What letter do I add? I’ll choose “R.” It comes right before the “S” in ‘STOP.’ Now that I have fixed its letter shortage, I

can now recite its new name with the “R” before it (R-STOP). As far as the phrase, let’s go with “the right stop is red.” There we go. I now have five syllables. I have now transformed something into my counting disease.

You heard me right. Unfortunately, this is considered a disease. According to how psychological syndromes go, this one falls under Obsession Compulsion Disorder. Commonly known as OCD.

Does it affect my life? I would say no, but I can be wrong. If not for my counting, I might have made different decisions in life. But it’s hard to say if that’s for sure. And there’s no telling when I might start counting. It is, as I’ve said previously, automatic. I can not tell you what triggers me, but I might know soon. So stay posted to for more.

Special Invite to an Office Party

Snuggling in the rear of a sympathetic environment
Stands shrubs vitrified along the west,
Raised high against wandering eyes.
Peace and greenery flows silent, stretches wide.
It invites two beautiful people
To take joy in its residency,
And promptly they arrived.
Exactly as advised.

Invitation Reading:
There will be access to a frosted door in the back.
Backyard entrance of 21 John Lee Drive.
Solely permitted for two:
Rebecca and you.
Once inside, you keep each other elated.
Breaking ice, until water’s no longer negated.

Hours go by, now we both
Hold empty bottles.
Underneath the moon
With no more light in vacuous dark.
But swiftly, it happened.
Heart strings pulled on our tune.
Harmonies played out to a different song.
Was I peering into a distorted view?
A super model here, perched upon her derrière.
Complacent to lower these walls in place,
Satisfied, I’m dropping drawls
Right in front of her face.
Nothing in the way of an alcohol-driven embrace.
Locking jaw grips and DNA cream whipped so fast,
I forgot that my trail of innocence
Was weakly seamed like my department store jeans.
Or the tender cotton from my censored t-shirt,
Left hanging, like an ex I’ve settled in the kitchen,
by the dirty dishes.
Blurred lines, stigmatized boundaries, and
Moving bare legs apart.
Here’s to mowing grass and digging shallow trenches.
Kicking up wet dirt and tossing rocks aside.
Kickback and the generation gets deposited inside.
Captive by her wisecracks,
And her back talking thighs,
I put some bass in my penetrations.
Sure enough, Drip dropped and ripened her to the touch.
Frictionless trimmings she confessed on both sides.
Immediately, I became concussive, but still persisted.
She invited me, eyes closed, to dive headfirst.
Neighbor’s nearby pebbles were steady clanging,
Going crazy, just jumping off like tectonic plates.
Without warning: the grinding…
Suddenly, fell in place.

Satisfied that the water was no longer negated,

We intermingled into conversations by the collared greens.
Reintroductions became necessary,
Even the reunion between my spectacles to a freckled face.
In surprise, the host of the party resurfaced and proudly said,

“You planted her in my backyard, sow lustfully.
Did you know I am the owner of those invitations?

More than a personal note, I run conglomerations,

but proud of holding great office parties.
I’m steady tailored in a polished Tuxedo,
Shoes reflective, starlit at my feet.
Shadows of birds, and the bees
Dancing for the company I keep.
Dividends of cute bids
Stored away into coffee cups.
Beating the walls inside just to jingle,
And substitute singles I can lick.
Sow lustfully my friend,
Excuse me,
I got a bed of roses to reap.”



Birthday Poem

To you,
Much changed you.
But feels the same you.

By who?
No one knows.
Blind awareness.
Still, The heart powered through.

By God.
On this day,
Breath after breath,
I notice myself.

Two thoughts:
Pleasure or pain?
No disclosure is key.

Just feelings
To remember,
Verbatim’s a dying breed.


When I was young, I absolutely adored video games. I still do, but I enjoy them in a different way now. I enjoy simulations. When the computer plays against itself its called a simulation. Most of the time simulations are better known for matchups that does not involve an actual user like you and I to participate. But every once in a while it pays off to watch these simulated games being played by the computer.

I’m a fan of many different sports, but for the sake of this argument, I’ll use football.

Of course, video games are not real, but have you seen the graphics for the latest Systems? It is by far the realest experience that you can truly fool yourself into believing. When it comes to real life football you prepare your mind and body to sit through entertainment, right?
Well, grab your nachos, beer, and close friend for a hybrid entertainment. Watch as video games take over live performances.

It’s Sunday afternoon and the Philadelphia Eagles are set to play their Divisional rival New York Giants. The kickoff is ready and the Giants are receiving. The ball is in the air and the camera cuts are amazing. The receiver catches the ball and the sky cam manages to shoot footage so close that you can see the sweat through his face mask glistening bright.

Now, let’s pause this live TV and turn the video game back on. More specifically, let’s bring out attention to Madden NFL 19. I have prepared the same exact matchup as what’s on TV. Eagles vs Giants. In this game, I experience the same close up footage of the receiver returning the ball for the start of the game.

Throughout this process my controller will sit on the dresser and collect dust. I purchased this game and game system for the same reason I purchased cable. That reason is to just watch. Every decision that these players make are calculated in a lab. But I love to see how real their last minute tackles can be. The idea is to simulate more than just the stats. They want to depict human behavior. If I could trick myself into believing these computer graphics are real people, I can watch a real game.

At some point, I do have to pick up the contoller. But not to play, but to just choose another game.

After each play, there is a huddle where the next play can be discussed. Scientifically, I know the play has already been generated due to the fact that it’s a video game. Along with this generation, each player is given their own personality. Yes, it’s true that the personality traits may be copied for certain groups of players. And just like in a real broadcast, some character traits are so similar they tend to overlap each other.

The Giants have finished their drive and settled for a field goal. After the Quartderback leaves the field, the coach approaches him and gives him words of encouragement to help influence a Touchdown next time. Keep in mind, that it’s precalculated.

Isn’t this amazing how great minds can come together to build a game system so dynamic it possesses real life traits? I agree that we all buy video games to play them, but the more you watch the more you’ll see another world doing what we do exactly the same way.

I believe one day it will all fuse together and simulations will be respected as much as the real deal. Also, we will not be able to tell the difference if it’s truly clicking.


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Blue Heartbeat

Wake up, my love
There’s something by your profile
Beating strong
It’s way more than keypads and monitors.
To see, we have to wait.
In five seconds, we can skip.
And yes, it’ll be my finger to your screen’s tip.
Your the lip licking news-feeds
Asking me to scroll down your heat on heat.
Somehow, a tap for tap, was a
Like for like. I wanted to show
Our history links to be seen.
We fell in love on the internet,
And we’re not going back to words.
We threw sticks and we threw stones
When we were without our phones.
It matters to me that love cost,
Because I pay to make your light turn on.
Like animated coffee spilling on your pixeled bra,
Our first date played out in the text bar.
You weren’t even sleep
When I came to wake you up,
I seen you were online,
I seen the blue heartbeat.

photo of red rose

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Feel Admired

There’s these pair of new sneakers that have just arrived in stores. The kind of footwear that gets heavy propaganda before its debut. The street name is heat wave, but the color we have just picked out today in our corner mall is ocean blue. 

“Here, try them on.” Today we were fortunate enough to be helped by the supervisor. My wife quickly stood her ground against the younger blonde placing her polished nails against my shoulders.

“No thanks, we’ll keep looking.”

  “Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity, sir.” I was getting the gloss of a bright sky fluttering in each eye as young as the day. Her eyes were even deeper set from an angle as she turned to find my size in the back of the store. In a heavy pace, but very mature.

Once, my wife and I had visited this same store for the baby shower of her sister’s third child. Maybe it’s because our attention had been entangled in the baby department, that we haven’t noticed an associate like this before. In the small time that we managed to fuss about the low inventory and what exactly we were going to spend the money on, our late arrival to the shower had seemed to create more friction within our own family that night. So I’ve decided today with no shower or rush in time, I’ll choose leisurely and browse as I see fit.

“When she comes back, I’ll walk a few steps in the blues.”

“They’re not that great.” My wife’s arms began to fold tightly across her loose sweater. She took a couple steps to me and started to lick the inside of her mouth. A huge oblong shaped poked out her face as the Supervisor returned stepping between us.

“You’ll love them. Here.” In an instant the top of her head was at my waist side. I’m not sure how many loops she made with the laces, but the comfort sent a slow rise of heat all the way into my cheeks. She gestured for me to walk and I felt like trotting. But I came to a stop at the nearest mirror and gazed at what could be. I turned and looked back at her in time to catch her bare chest hovering towards me.

She stopped and asked me inquisitively, “Would you let me see without your socks on?”

She waved me even closer. The heat that was caught beneath my cheeks is now traveling again. I hesitated a bit and she caught my trip. I was leaning against her beachy perfume. As I took to my feet again, I asked: “Can I buy?”

“You bet,” she answered rapidly, “I knew you’d wanna feel admired.”

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