Capital Kickback

Someone owned a plate

And dropped the first green band in the center.

After filling the surface, stacks began running-upward.

This increase produced emotional energy for the owner to create more.

Releasing different energy sources, produced different moods. Speed up the transfer of energy and you’ll create explosive power. Slow action lacks any serious heat and discourages the desire of continuity. The addiction to the feels of instant gratifying energy grows in the USA.

Bands were cruising in on high m-p-h’s, and plates were energy-rich; pre-wrapped to explode.

Everybody who was anybody stayed near the power. Those with less, were forced to wade the streams of ‘energetic rapids.’ Not just change, but evolve. This is how intelligence rides these flooding waves.


That’s us. Well, intelligence is one half of who we are as consumers. The other half is love. You ever feel those shifting tides inside your chest? Yes, love is conscious. This is where the chemistry of emotion emerges from. Mood swinging became common, as more energy was transferred from empty stagnant plates, to the presidential elite jacuzzi whirlpool; who owns the consumer’s food and net profit from the very dishes on which the consumer was required to purchase.

Those who were not able to edge large amounts of ‘capital kickback,’ were more explosive to themselves internally (mental diseases). Capital kickback is like the financial seesaw of high and low income. In order to be rich, someone must fall into poverty. The most tiring fact of it, is the revelation of the innocent involvement.

Manic behavior comes with very high levels of kickback, sometimes  destroying the fragile foundation of mind in the form of trauma. Investing and sacrificing oneself to consistently end up with an un unsatisfactory return, will convince you that your process of being is pointless.

Intelligence can proliferate it’s own energy flow. It pairs its ‘like energy’ across the void and create more complex structural moods that are self-sustaining. This is done by the business minded men, who would offer grunt work to the ‘have-not society.’ Many scientifc minds were very gifted in figuring out the secrets to renewable energy. Using less energy by developing and mining explosive energetic resources, generated larger returns. As effortless as the moon tides the water’s electricity, the 1% produces what consumers eat and define the emotional awareness of the other 99 percentile.

This use of emotional intelligence takes place in small and large groups. The activities of instant communal syncing and poor global connections, results in energy like fear and/or happiness inside the hearts of all. Anything at capacity to oversee an, entire nation’s, emotional drive could and would be worshipped…


Those with the acquired knowledge of producing energy reatomized for extravagant fireworks, or high valued transactions, are just like modern day celebrities. The skill creates a heavy demand for emotional fulfillment in the original gossip we call capitalism. Anyone who’s ever felt energy, has quickly grew a liking to self-empowerment and combustible natrual resources. The financial movement of vast amounts of intellectual energy is highly entertaining for the average person to admire aesthetically. The necessary foreshadow involved in gawking at the the elite, admits the truth that the possession of the same energetic hierarchy is attainable for anyone. I will explain why at the end of this excerpt.

Monetary change is the smaller aspect of storing and releasing emotional or intellectual energy. The less fortunate work within this realm of production. These small representations of catalyst produce very little emotional fulfillment.  And, often, is considered “irrelevant” to have or exert energy in this amount. I challenge the status quo, by identifying this notion as a common misunderstanding.

My argument states: energy would not survive without powerlessness. Both are revelant in means for giving meaning to the movement of creation. When you recieve kickback from the upper echelon in your thin wallet, be grateful.


Energy can not be destroyed. Successful opportunities are always present. In the case of not having, emotional intelligent energy becomes very important. Never forget that energy moves. Not just that, but you have the intellectual energetic capabilities to multiply its momentum while in motion.

When you feel the pain of lack, where are you directing the present river of emotions? Are you understanding the negative feelings as temporary discomfort and not permanence? Learn quick about those energy patterns, as you did with the scorching energitic pain of touching the tea kettle. The more you experience scarcity around dinner time, the more it makes sense to retransition unwanted tributaries of welth. The negative energetic feelings that come along with poverty, can go to the same place as the belief of the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus.

You’ll get your opportunity to transform your stagnant energy into euphoric dancing. That’s just the way grace moves; elegantly. Knowing this, why only be happy when you are amidst great prosperity? Those sitting at empty placemats, should always recognize the pleasant sensations the great energy force will always bring to the dinner table.

“The coin toss is a direct result of desiring both possibilities.” – Robert Gibson

If you wish against the ebb, don’t expect to flow. To be stagnant is to be dead.










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