Cop Pulls guy Over


“My ID says Rob.
Some numbers, letters displayed,
And a photo with a pure face.”

Still, he stalled the verification stage.

“‘Blackout-me’ gives rise to unexpected deja vu.
Somewhere my past goes to be forgotten,
And trauma cannot make the decision to find it.
Or history must not be granting permission.
Tinted windows and loud rap music
Same story everytime, but there’s been something missing.
Oh yea, now I remember being overshadowed by the smell of strong…
Medicinal? Were you doing drugs?”

“Shut up!
Oh yes, now he’s concerned,
Take the flashlight to both these corneas. Yes, by all means.”

“What’s wrong with you?”

“Every winter, jamming’ to Christmas songs,
Lost memories find their way back at this moment.
Car tint doubles up, from the smoke, Yea- doing too much.
Everything’s beautiful outside. Chrome sprewells
And fresh pearlescent paint job on the ride.
And that’s when Mr. Sober pulls up.
To steal the shine. Then finally, he gives in
And explains to the world
Why he do the things, he keeps doing again and again.
The same answer,
-Tinted windows and loud rap music-

“It’s you!”

‘Righteous-me’ offer a smile.
‘Anxious-me’ pace every inch of my understanding and think
Why the *beep* with this recycling *beep* in my head?
“Why did you even pull Rob over?”

“Tented windows and loud rap music. Shit.
What the hell’s going on? How did you-
Who am I? Why do I only remember my ancestors,
But nothing more of my past right now?

“Like Windsor knots and dress shoes with heavy polish,
Only follow after the ones that best suits you.
No more questions, please.
No more trying to control or police things either.
Control can gag the strongest ink down to a trickle,
But can never confine the inertia that writing flings.
Sympathy can get you all in the story- stay outside looking in.
Or worse, suicide, from not feeling needed by the God with the pen.
At best empathy, its what this is all about.
Like a repeated experiment.
Requiring evolution to strengthen its genetics out.”

“But, how many times?”

“Until it made itself known. Who were your ancestors?”

“Alois Alzheimer and refers to himself in 3rd person. True nutcase.
Alcohol and drug abuse took advantage of his mental capacities, wait-
You’re Alzheimer’s?”

“But now more than ever, he’s noticing too much chit-chatter.”

“-Wha wait, don’t go. You said your name was Rob”

“My ID says Rob.
Some numbers, letters displayed,
And a photo with a pure face.”

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