Dr. Miscarriage

 “Dr. Miscarriage” he gets it. ‘Thats some kind of business.’ Sometimes, being well-paid means  is–um,well…not so righteous. Every entertainer knows this. A means to an end, was a numbing of the pain; an unnerving of the compassionate vein. It’s not a crime to enjoy a privileged life. But some are just alive and stripped of life. Yea, I’m talking about the likes of you. Every day alive is a day “survived.” Major life decisions can be forced. Not every outcome bears a solution. How present is the pain? So far, I’ll award it with perfect attendance. What can you learn? How to profit from the pain. I wrote this as an incentive against the urge to run from it. A shortcut is not the easy way around. In fact, its karma levels are higher than the longest trail can own.

The quicker the shot, the wider the tissue opens out, making it more difficult to clot. Time elapsed? Life too. Recognition is won, but heavy was the blood loss.

Whosoever travels, tip toe through life. It’s a balancing beam act show of patience. Yes, but not too slow. Life is an act, though serious enough. No time for playing catch up. If your depressed or stuck in a slump, you have a false belief that time’s dragging you along. No, your not progressing at all. At any pace, you must start the cold feet walk. You will become numb to the pain. That’s how survivors start. Being scared would become something to manage. Fear is the energy of your employees expressed with no direction. Tend to them.

If joy doesn’t come by the morning, make it happen by high noon. Survivors create a reason to survive. Attend the greatest festival of your like. Build a Facebook of friends, and post a supermodel life. Fake followers allowed! Ask yourself: “Is being on the ground all you ever cared about?” “Face down, so your abuse can hideout?” That’s poor behavior on a rich planet. The wild is your luxurious home, find your animal nature. Because, that’s your ‘Real‘ estate. Hibernate to get you through the coldest of winters. “Bear it.” Then tell all the people who care to hear it.  Break a heart, or two. Some may admire you for it, even apologize for not having as much truth. This is what pain can do for you. Become your new money. A chance at fame. A lifetime suffering, goes on the market when its ready. Commodity for trade, its precious. Nights close to death, wasn’t for torture, tragic enough gets pressed like diamonds. Wealth like that, means you’re ready.

Behind stage, forever getting stitched up. You tolerated hell. Now, everytime the curtains close, you tolerate fresh money smell. I dont blame you for growing tired of the ‘wish me wells.’ Fuck it, It’s time you take control of the whole got damn wisihing well. Suffering’s the worlds’ most profitable commodity. So sell! I know now what they were saying, when they said it, too well:

“The best investment is to self.”

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