Every Kite Flies Away

After wiping the reflective lens, I can see my eyes being recorded in its image. Photo bombed by the fiery colored Kite and her goofy designed outer lines. I look up knowing that I intended to take this marriage off through a rainbow lit sky, but my timing has me looking up into only partly crowded heaven. “Excuse me, guys.” I knew they heard me, because that’s when partly cloudy scattered and left us great weather. Now, I just needed the Earth to spin a little faster. It caught on and to what I was asking. Tremors in the ground shook as if the ground was encouraging me to hop on this moving platform. We were ready. The wind was busting through the slits of my fingers and the wings of my bride (Kite) flapped restlessly. “Honey, please!” Looking up, the thick atmosphere was gone, and the blue was blue marine lifting us with no effort. We decide that there is no better time than now. I rose from my crouch  and straightened my arms with Kite stretched and ready at the hem. I whisper up to her before we got going, “At least, give me a mile this time.” No response. She ignores me all the time. The streets of Philly widened at the corners, divding lanes where many side roads meet. I am convinced to blow right pass the avenue light, if it means happiness can soar for my Kite. Once a wind stream is caught, you never know where you’ll end up. Unlike before, when I came to a crushing halt,  for a boy crossing in no rush to walk his bike home. Everything came bursting out of stream. Inertia, ricochet, and floor, had a minaj that day. Of course, we not only survived that fitful day, we grew even more.
With no idea of how this was gonna unfold, we took off into the unknown; leaving are belongings at grandma’s front door. My feet started, but the steps were kinda choppy. I imagined the footage jumping, between concrete and Christmas  lights, with brief frames of row home after row home. At the last minute, it would focus on my strained face in sprinting motion. I can feel the cracked corners of my mouth, separate, against the chilling onslaught of earth’s breath. Her icy kiss, blessed our partnership and made us less dense. We kept on rising, steady, all the way above honking vehicles. We can only make out distorted faces. Elongated  congregations of pedestrians, intent on watching our flight. Abiding their time too, as flotation devices of love, going over broad st. Camera trolling. By this time, we’re trending heavy all over Facebook. Kite managed some impressive pictur posing moments, at the same time ducking below stop signs and streetlight hanging. That’s when I noticed it. All of them, were  greenlights as far as the eye can see. The open road fading away. With my camera mounted, I was recording real-time. You can see years, turn to days, turn to minutes, into seconds. Right in front of your face. You couldn’t see mines, but you can see Kite’s goofy smile…Oh my God! The picture I captured of us, wasn’t as random as a photo bomb. The whole image was a setup. Set in place and looking up. That’s not a smile she gave me. The outer line was straight across. The inner line was curved down. Only two times, did those line meet. What I thought was a smile, was really not. The top straight line was a representation of time, from beginning to end. The bottom curve, was the path of my soul. My birth was the beginning of my life, simultaneously, it also was my soul leaving its true home to have a lifetime experience. A round trip with departure and arrival. If I already departed, then…All of a sudden, film stops rolling and my Kite is tugging. She wants me to release her. I did that moment. Nothing. No tears for the end of our marriage; not even a goodbye. 
I know. I know. She still loved me. I’m glad, that I’ll still have the footage. I wiped the lens for the last time and cried. I couldn’t see myself in it without her in the picture. Its stuck in playback mode. All I got is memories. I know. I know. I have to accept the facts: She’s a free-spirited soul and I was only holding her for the moment. 

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