How to Deplete You, Karma

Big bad night.

Pillow of smogg in the sky

And its tumbling over

Feel you getting closer

Im drunk enough, can’t resist the

Alcohol threatening hangovers

Drive bys wit my middle finger out

And other secular behaviors

At 105 miles an hour, acting out,

Speeding through crowded areas

I joke and toke,

A bunch of hard drugs, overdose

A killer strand, got me influenced

Offensive smells blown out the window

At police districts, officers annoyed

Wit the street nigga burnouts

All stop signs are optional

Vehicular manslaughter, too possible

Everything on the menu,

Paying only expensive prices

Compounding my debt overwhelmingly

Far from a charger, still on the phone

Making unnecessary calls on 1% alone

Less than a Quarter tank of gas

So romantic, traveling on fumes

Taking long distant rides from home

Pull the blunt out, I’ll make a video now

I feel you nearer, karma’s around

On this expressway driving fried

Lane switching spitting toxic emissions

For sure, I thought you was coming

Boy… was I wrong!?


This is a step by step guide for

How to deplete you, Karma:

First thing, hotbox in place

Something bout dense clouds

Really Set the stage onto the 2nd step,

Dark skid lines in the asphalt get that

Burn smell from the rubber,

More gas, more drag kick ya ass out

Inertia that sideways slide 10 yards

Next, watch the needle seize up

Revolution after revolution strong

Last step, don’t ease up, It’ll be ruined

Like the pyramids of Egypt,

Intricately constructed just for viewing

Got to the end, then, executed poorly

All this momentum we sparking

Keep adding petroleum

Combustible energy tight,  she likes

Eruptions of showering lava, bareboned

Nothing’s moving, unusually dormant,

Confused 360 degrees now,

Karma’s taking hit after hit, one-sided

This is weird, somewhat unreal

3rd law from Newton: law of motion

A female stood at me from the side

Pointed out the window

Where I can see karma’s zombie eyes

Rolled back into her head violently

No traction gained the whole time

She was a living theory, but not now

No movement, her coma’s pretty rigid

It’s true, she was intercepted

On her way to me, overexicted

and belt unbuckled

Pants soaked from the waist down

Premature ejaculation soiled it, wet

She slipped and fell unconscious

The morning of, I woke up

A different hand was being shown

Ghostly pale, holographic skin particles

Telepathicly informed me that

My Karma was gone

This woman was much aged and said

“Last night, you had a date with me”

We had sex? I didnt even know her

“I’m attracted to the unsuspecting.”

She still hasn’t told me her name

“Angels brought me to meet you.”

Where’s my karma? What’s missing?

“Karma and I, we’re sisters. She can’t please you, any longer. She grew tired of being used. It’s best that you move on, to learning more about the nature of gratitude.

My name is Grace. Im unfamiliar. That’s ok. You knew me since birth.

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