Corona Provide Us

Map it out and show us how connected one is. Man will call it COVID, murderous in nature. Keep the heart hidden and distant fast asleep. The hero who saves us will wake up to what lasts and never be gone; our true nature. The truth of no one as unknown as patient zero. Life as we know it is unowned and will reach its limit. We suffer because we hang on, completely attached to the human body and everything that comes with it. There is no coincidence in the chosen few. In the eyes of Mother Earth, there are none handicapped now, in the past, or the coming of rebirth. The mind wants to be somebody, it needs attention for that. It creates a problem so bad, we become more personal, separated from love and less public because… What can be worse? Why must man have its hand in everything? My child is a product of me, but one with everything. Why is there a price to parenting? How lucrative is custody, really? Mankind is too in love with material things. Addicted to making currency. When did my  community become government dependent? I don’t mind help from anyone, but do away with nationalism if it has socialistic tendencies. Ok, back to the clinic as part of my daily reprieve. Good thing I am free from the person we all see. I live with so much space inside that the heart has given me. Finally, my true self has made it. COVID19 helped me to unmask duality. I shot pass the one who goalkeeps. If we conquer our intrusions together, the fields will yield more endeavors in conscious victories. And transcend all of mind that mankind created toxicity leaking ignorant egoic  history. We patching up 2020 because corona provide us eternity.


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