Feel Admired

There’s these pair of new sneakers that have just arrived in stores. The kind of footwear that gets heavy propaganda before its debut. The street name is heat wave, but the color we have just picked out today in our corner mall is ocean blue. 

“Here, try them on.” Today we were fortunate enough to be helped by the supervisor. My wife quickly stood her ground against the younger blonde placing her polished nails against my shoulders.

“No thanks, we’ll keep looking.”

  “Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity, sir.” I was getting the gloss of a bright sky fluttering in each eye as young as the day. Her eyes were even deeper set from an angle as she turned to find my size in the back of the store. In a heavy pace, but very mature.

Once, my wife and I had visited this same store for the baby shower of her sister’s third child. Maybe it’s because our attention had been entangled in the baby department, that we haven’t noticed an associate like this before. In the small time that we managed to fuss about the low inventory and what exactly we were going to spend the money on, our late arrival to the shower had seemed to create more friction within our own family that night. So I’ve decided today with no shower or rush in time, I’ll choose leisurely and browse as I see fit.

“When she comes back, I’ll walk a few steps in the blues.”

“They’re not that great.” My wife’s arms began to fold tightly across her loose sweater. She took a couple steps to me and started to lick the inside of her mouth. A huge oblong shaped poked out her face as the Supervisor returned stepping between us.

“You’ll love them. Here.” In an instant the top of her head was at my waist side. I’m not sure how many loops she made with the laces, but the comfort sent a slow rise of heat all the way into my cheeks. She gestured for me to walk and I felt like trotting. But I came to a stop at the nearest mirror and gazed at what could be. I turned and looked back at her in time to catch her bare chest hovering towards me.

She stopped and asked me inquisitively, “Would you let me see without your socks on?”

She waved me even closer. The heat that was caught beneath my cheeks is now traveling again. I hesitated a bit and she caught my trip. I was leaning against her beachy perfume. As I took to my feet again, I asked: “Can I buy?”

“You bet,” she answered rapidly, “I knew you’d wanna feel admired.”

feel ad

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