Blue Heartbeat

Wake up, my love
There’s something by your profile
Beating strong
It’s way more than keypads and monitors.
To see, we have to wait.
In five seconds, we can skip.
And yes, it’ll be my finger to your screen’s tip.
Your the lip licking news-feeds
Asking me to scroll down your heat on heat.
Somehow, a tap for tap, was a
Like for like. I wanted to show
Our history links to be seen.
We fell in love on the internet,
And we’re not going back to words.
We threw sticks and we threw stones
When we were without our phones.
It matters to me that love cost,
Because I pay to make your light turn on.
Like animated coffee spilling on your pixeled bra,
Our first date played out in the text bar.
You weren’t even sleep
When I came to wake you up,
I seen you were online,
I seen the blue heartbeat.

photo of red rose
Photo by Engin Akyurt on

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