How to sell yourself to a skeptic

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Selling Yourself

The most beautiful things in the world require redundancy. Profound repetition creates and keeps on creating strength in any foundation that practices it.

Family is going to be infused with your business mission statement. Some of you guys might not be able to find what it is that you do vigorously with redundant talent right away. In that case it’s going to take some deep reflection. If even after profound insight into your daily habits you still can not locate something significant, then it’s time to brand yourself. If you are reading this, you are alive. And if you are alive, then you do a great job of executing on being you. What’s been redundant in your life? Where does your precision lie? If you died today, what will you be remembered for?

Some things that we do everyday we take its skill for granted. What have you learned over time that will require training for someone else? Patience is something that tends to get overlooked also when it comes to discovering yourself. In today’s society, it is less common than technological accessibility. What areas in your life are you displaying patience? Is that display of patience by choice? Are you happy while waiting? Can you see the value of patience in whatever that might be?

I hate the word ‘sacrifice.’ Lets go with ‘release’ instead. Before we start burrowing money or buying up materials, what do we own now that we can release? What is taking up space in our life? This has mental and spiritual aspects to it also. The only ‘stuff’ that I can say is worth keeping are tools. Tools that you use to build, create, network etc. These are valuable assets that we must locate right away and put to use. Tools of technology are computers, phones, and tablets.

What can you adopt? That’s is, what can you obtain right now that will require no monetary exchange from you? Burrowing something free can still have monetary consequences in the end. When you adopt something, you own it.

Are you attractive? Do you know anyone attractive? Do you own anything attractive? Beauty is contagious. The way someone or thing appears, can be a 1,000 words on its own. This is great for increasing notoriety with less energy output. It could be as simple as an image.

Side note: If you are young, charge more for yourself. Everyone wants to be young forever. That means everyone wants to be at full capacity in their lives, or coming close to approaching it. Hashtag primetime!

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Most opioid addicts began their journey with the help of legal medicine. A situation or injury that requires extremely addictive medicine to treat. The prescription may come to an end, but the dependency is heavy with inertia. Withdrawal is another very real possibility of what can happen when the prescription runs out. Some go through the pain colliding with reality and nothing to ease the impact. Others, revert to alternative methods. The more common approach, is purchasing the exact same type of medicine illegally off the street. Unfortunately, the insurance companies don’t cover those transactions. Pills, painkillers specifically, can be very expensive for an out-of-pocket price.

As time goes on and transactions stay consistent, budgets takes a direct hit. Disposable income evaporates and other financial categories are affected. Financial necessities, in time, switch places with drug expenses due to the loss of disposable income. In an addicts mind, drugs become as vital as bills or groceries. In extreme cases, drugs can become the number one life sustaining source.

The disposable income could have lost its ability to cover the required amount of drugs, due to an increase in tolerance. Immediately, at this stage, the cognitive mind starts to reflect. Asking questions like: Where did all of my income go? How can I increase my income? Where else can I obtain funds?

In order to maintain the ‘high’ that an addict might have got from substances, it was necessary to increase the intake amount at one sitting. Reflecting requires you start from the beginning and rewire the operation at pivotal key points to produce a more desirable outcome. The subconscious reflects automatically and choses what you value the most to improve. You have to disengage its auto pilot from reflect to self-reflect. And switch it back to auto pilot once you guys can agree on the value at hand.


Reflection is different when it comes to self, but the concepts can be hard to distinguish. The best way to start self-reflection is through the 5 W’s.’ Who do I associate with? What am I currently doing everyday? When did I arrive to the different points of interests (POI) in my life? Where are am I going with this? How is my behavior understood from an outsider’s view.

So, know the difference. And see the difference in yourself. You reflect without knowing everyday. Sometimes positively, sometimes negative in nature. But self-reflection is always positive. It is a conscious thing. It can also be a great influence to continue down a chosen path and not give up altogether. Avoiding a complete overhaul, will be considered making the most productive choice for critique. This is the equivalent to morning meetings where all colleagues come together to recap the events of the week or month. It can also serve as a review of goals reached and the development of agreeing towards the best future projections.


Methods to follow

We all have a sense of morality and an awareness of truth. But sometimes identifying what you value the most can be easier said than done. Most of our processing has been done at an early age. A rough range between 7 years of age to 21. If you weren’t taught to record the name of those whom you felt ushered in the original moves you now copy today, you probably can’t recall with a hundred percent accuracy. Identifying the monkey that ‘saw’ in the old phrase “monkey see, money do,” can help you get a sense of who it was that you valued first in life. There are also many other methods that people have found that can get you even closer. The more methods you exercise, the better. It’s important to find the similarities in each one that your final conclusions point to, or have in common.

Personal warranty

Finding your values requires a scope best fit for a detective. You don’t get answers by reading what’s in front of you everyday. Your most accurate feedback has to come from what’s “between the lines.” Our values are so deeply rooted beneath us they can only be located within the subconscious. Reaching deep into the unknown requires vigorous mindfulness. There are some that believe looking pass the cognitive mind means understanding your spiritual influences and beliefs.

A forum is a place for people to come together on an issue and voice their opinions. Found out who shares the same values as you. The more people that supports your attributes (features that make you ‘you’), the more reliable you present yourself to someone deciding on whether or not to take a risk on you.

Remember you are not just trying to persuade someone that you’re worth the investment. Make sure you do less persuading, and more ensuring. This sounds more factual and requires evidence to support it. If the law of science produces a result that goes wrong, according to murphy’s law, the good news is that you’re prepared for it. What makes the automobile industry so profitable is the range of business. By range, I mean the business can stretch from one end to the other. Managers can manipulate the front end and the back end. It’s like a product-service hybrid. Supply the metal and protect it. If something does go wrong, ensure them you can fix it; protection.

Here is your opportunity to upsell. The concept of protection is no different than insurance, so recommend that everyone gets it.  Take all the data and work you have made on discovering different aspects of who you are. This includes what you value, your skills, and repeated accomplishments you’ve made up to this point. Find someone else with a similar profile and conduct a business plan you guys can both benefit from. Create your clauses in the policy and then unite them. Collaborating can be done even with an up and coming independent entrepreneur. Just make sure that at the end of the day, the rewards outweigh the risks ten-fold. And yes, there are risks to merging. Do some research and find out if that will be right for you.


You ever start something, but fail to finish? I did it all the time. It’s not that I was physically and mentally unable to finish, I just wasn’t able to stay. I’ve gotten many inspirations to do just about anything that can be done. I lose focus because I gained more interest in something else. And then it became a never ending cycle. Knowing when to ‘throw in the towel’ can be just as affective as beginning. There are some things that can’t be finished even if we decided not to be done with it. There are also times when an opportunity springs up and not grabbing hold of it, would feel like digression.

When push comes to shove and continuing has its repercussions, evaluate obstacles that are too big to overcome and find out why. Label the most difficult features in the path. Unveil the weakest spots in your arsenal. Strategically upgrade. Take a broader view on future events. The key is not in finishing. Nope. It’s what decisions you made along the way that needs to be scrutinized the most. So don’t kick yourself for not acquiring your masters or high school diploma. Found out what went wrong and fix it.

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By now, we’ve analyzed what our values are and we’ve been able to identify what parts of our journey trip us up the most. Now we develop rules, esentially, a set of laws to govern us. Just like in the real world, breaking these rules will have consequences. Long-term and short-term.

  • Long-term consequences- The best way to understand what the long-term consequences are, to look around inside yourself right now. The mistakes that you have made in the pass has contributed to where you currently stand. This means that karma will handle the long-term. You are not required to self-punish your disobedience in the likes of long-term, it will play out on its own.
  • Short-term consequences- You can be responsible for issuing these. The type of punishment has to correlate with the type of rule that was broken. Figuring out the most ideal action may take some time to develop. There are many factors to consider like: can the action be reversed? Does the punishment interfere with the progression of my journey (too harsh)? Does the scene at the time of the corruption excuse my behavior?


Last but not least, find a worthy foe. Research those of your kind. Who is generating the most press? Break down their game plan. Can you match it? Is his or her customer base susceptible to switching? If so, go and take the crown. But don’t do so without making a scene. The number of people witnessing is crucial to a more effective outcome. Reach out to your opponent and offer a head to head marketing campaign. Include how the amount of notoriety will be profitable regardless of the outcome.

And don’t stop there. Once you’ve taken the crown, generate more campaigns. Create headlines like:  Who can do what I do better? Who can take control of a small budget? Who can absolutely put a signature on creativity with a large budget? These contenders will only make you stronger. So go be awesome!

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