Special Invite to an Office Party

Snuggling in the rear of a sympathetic environment
Stands shrubs vitrified along the west,
Raised high against wandering eyes.
Peace and greenery flows silent, stretches wide.
It invites two beautiful people
To take joy in its residency,
And promptly they arrived.
Exactly as advised.

Invitation Reading:
There will be access to a frosted door in the back.
Backyard entrance of 21 John Lee Drive.
Solely permitted for two:
Rebecca and you.
Once inside, you keep each other elated.
Breaking ice, until water’s no longer negated.

Hours go by, now we both
Hold empty bottles.
Underneath the moon
With no more light in vacuous dark.
But swiftly, it happened.
Heart strings pulled on our tune.
Harmonies played out to a different song.
Was I peering into a distorted view?
A super model here, perched upon her derrière.
Complacent to lower these walls in place,
Satisfied, I’m dropping drawls
Right in front of her face.
Nothing in the way of an alcohol-driven embrace.
Locking jaw grips and DNA cream whipped so fast,
I forgot that my trail of innocence
Was weakly seamed like my department store jeans.
Or the tender cotton from my censored t-shirt,
Left hanging, like an ex I’ve settled in the kitchen,
by the dirty dishes.
Blurred lines, stigmatized boundaries, and
Moving bare legs apart.
Here’s to mowing grass and digging shallow trenches.
Kicking up wet dirt and tossing rocks aside.
Kickback and the generation gets deposited inside.
Captive by her wisecracks,
And her back talking thighs,
I put some base in my penetrations.
Sure enough, Drip dropped and ripened her to the touch.
Frictionless trimmings she confessed on both sides.
Immediately, I became concussive, but still persisted.
She invited me, eyes closed, to dive headfirst.
Neighbor’s nearby pebbles were steady clanging,
Going crazy, just jumping off like tectonic plates.
Without warning: the grinding…
Suddenly, fell in place.

Satisfied that the water was no longer negated,

We intermingled into conversations by the collared greens.
Reintroductions became necessary,
Even the reunion between my spectacles to her freckled face.
In surprise, the host of the party resurfaced and proudly said,

“You planted her in my backyard, sow lustfully.
Did you know I am the owner of those invitations?

More than a personal note, I run conglomerations,

but proud of holding great office parties, such as this.
I’m steady tailored in a polished Tuxedo,
Shoes reflective, starlit at my feet.
Shadows of birds, and the bees
Dancing for the company I keep.
I accept dividends of cute bids to
Store away into coffee cups.
Beating its walls inside  to jingle the public,
And commence spectating through camera lens’.
Sow lustfully my friend, as you have to my profits.
Excuse me my dears,
I got a dozen invitations to send.”



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